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It was a day like no other. I had landed in Delhi 16 hours earlier, and after the obligatory 14 hour sleep due to flying with a dodgy airline and a six hour stop over in a country, let alone city, I hadn’t heard of; I found myself being wide awake before the sun and eager to get out an explore. What happened in those 24 hours was brilliant. I saw no tourists, no-one I recognize, and was stared at constantly. There’s no greater way to experience a new city than to be thrust into the heart of it and expected to survive.



Three years later with a yearning to go back, I still miss Delhi. I hadn’t before and I haven’t since found any other city like it on the planet. It’s the definition of chaos theory. Somehow, despite all the craziness that in contains; it functions.


Before the heat gets you, the dirt does. Before the dirt gets you, the Tuc-tuc drivers do. Before the tuc-tuc drivers get you…nope they always get you first.







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